Opel Olympia- repaint, and decals

After some lengthy discussion on polish PWM forum, we came to the conclusion, that the color modulation, as it was would disapear after filters, and oils.
I decided to repaint the model, this time taking care, that the contrast is sharper.
I dont know if i like the look of it at the moment, but aparently it will blend even during the weathering stage.
Decals have been applied, and coat of varnish to seal the paintjob.


  1. Ale ładne fotki! Widzę, że namiot już doszedł. Dzięki :)

  2. Jeszcze bie doszedl- tzn doszedl wlasnie, ale na czas fotek go nie bylo. Dzisiaj po szarym filtrze pstrykne pare zdjec juz z namiotem.