Opel Olympia- Luggage

Today i made the suitcase.
The case is from the kit, but i reworked it a little.
I have changed the shape of the body, added scratch built handle, few hinges, and locks. Locks are from the kit.
Painted Flat Brown first, then the stains, and shadows were made using Oil & Stain mixture from MIG, then Dark Wash was applied, and sealed with gloss varnish.
The edges were painted using the sponge technique with Hunbrol 62, and Vallejo 144.

Spare wheel rim.
I decided to throw the extra wheel rim onto the rack. It will represent the rim taken from the donor car. Painted flat brown and hairspray technique, with white on top.
Edges treated to the 6B pencil.


  1. Amazing build so far! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you Zsolt.
    Its nice to know you like it.
    Appreciate your comment.