"Sentry" diorama- groundwork done

I think im happy with the base now, and the wet mud is just the way i like it. Meant to add few puddles, but i suppose im not so good with the water products as yet. I will work on this subject tho.

Still some extra touches to be done here, and there, like the straw inside the box, and maybe the dog ends scattered around the area.


  1. I've reading you for a time but this is my first comment here, so I have to say your work always impress me.

    I really like the look of the base, it's very realistic. Specially the wet mud (what happened with the previous puddles?)

    Best regards and thanks for sharing your works.

  2. Thank you DVD!
    Im glad you like my work.
    The puddles turned out not as good as i expected, and sunk in the middle- even tho i used really thin layer. I patched that up with another layer, but it showed, so i covered them with the wet mud instead. It looks better now i think, but i will keep working with the water products, just to improve hat part of my modeling.

    Thanks again.
    Apoloniusz "Siara" Musialek