Opel Olympia- stowage

While working on the sentry figure i took the short break to make the stowage.
Tarpaulin is made out of the Nescafe coffee lid.
The mat for driving out of mud is made using the toothpicks, which have been carved to look like tree branches, and weathered using various washes.
The stowage will be tied with string, the mat with the wire.


  1. Jeszcze musze opony mokrym blotem po obwodzie machnac i tyle. Tez jestem zadowolony- dzieki Ergie.

    Aaaa-no i przykurzyc calosc transparentnie aby slad na szybie zostal od wycieraczki, ale to juz tylko "touch-ups". ;-)

  2. wow, very nice. good work