Sentry diorama- groundwork

Using plaster, balast, and white glue i made the base for the diorama.

Sprinkle of static grass on white glue will represent the old grass.
When painted in light tea, with brownish tinge it will provide the base for the
new- green grass.

Base painted Chaos Black primer, and flat earth colors.
Dry grass highlighted with light shades of yellows, and browns.
Applied the dark wash.

Short, green grass planted, and Wet Effects where the puddles will be

Puddles made with Realistic Water

Using resin, and dark mud pigment i made the tyre prints in the mud
Also the process of fusing the elements together has started



  1. "TBC..." => To Będzie Cudo ... :))

  2. wonderful work. So glad you won with this model. Could you post a little more description, or even a tutorial on how you did the tall grass?