"Shallow crossing"- almost done- ready for water

The scene is now ready for the water.
All the goods inside the car have ben glued on now, and i also added the Mauser Kar 98 with the sling, and the helmet with the straps.
I forgot to paint the oil stain from the filler cup- will be fixed before the water is poured.


  1. One more time, a "master model" all is perfect. It's not modelling but art !

    What do you'll use for water ?

  2. Siara perfekt, wszystko świetne tylko te jaja jakieś wielkie:-),strusia?

  3. Thanks Frederic!

    Iras- wiem, ale niestety na jaja zupelnie nie mialem pomyslu, a sa tak male, ze wykonanie ich z masy graniczylo z cudem- ostatecznie uzylem tych kuleczek z pudelka po butach. Jakos przeboleje to.