Catfish adventure- Mequinenza/ Spain

It was always my dream to catch big catfish.
Taking advantage of few days off work i travelled with few of my friends to Mequinenza in Spain.
It is a nice place on the banks of the River Ebro.
The trip was organised by Bavarian Guiding Services- one of the oldest, and best guiding firm out there.

...i only managed this little kitten, not a big fish by any standards, but still one of the biggest fish i have ever cought.

Thanks to Peter- the company owner, and our guide- Ed for giving me the chance of spending the best week in my fishing cereer.
I will surely go back next year to try to better my cat record.


  1. What a trip Siara, and what a catch!

  2. Thanks Radek- i did enjoy it vary much.
    I have thought about trip like this for some time, but only now it became reality. Im already planing what fish i will target next.