VW van- roof rack

Roof rack was soldered using 1mm, and 0,5mm brass tubing.
Mc Donalds hot drink stirrers were used for the slats. Slats drilled on both sides, and iron rod glued in as the bolts.

Front indicators dry fitted:

Indicator bodies were turned from brass, and painted Alclad Chrome:

...rear lights dry fitted. I used clear sprue for the lenses, and painted them Clear Red.
The ring around the lenses is turned from brass, and painted Alclad Chrome.

Wooden slats were soaked in the vinegar overnight (i added the piece of the steel wool to it to get the rusty tinge), and then i used the 80 grit sandpaper to achieve the right texture. Variation of tan, brown, and black oils was used to get the slats look weathered.

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