VW van- build started

The body needed filler in few places, especially at the front of the van, and in couple of spots on the roof.
Pannel lines were rescribed.
Chrome parts like bumpers, and hubcaps were dumped in Mr Muscle Sink & Drain gel, to remove paint.

Deep rust effect. The eroded places were thinned on inside using Dremel tool, and roughed up using sewing pin, until few holes popped up.
Around these places Mr. Surfacer 500, and old stiff brush was used to make the rust texture.
I also made few dents in the bodywork.

All the hinges were replaced by hunges made with brass sheet, brass rods, and for the hinges with mirrors i used the brass tube, so the mirror arm can fit inside.

Suspension lowered, and the VW badge cut away in front of the van.
I also added one more scratch to the side of the van, the door before of it will be painted different color.
Whole bodywork was sanded in vertical motion.



  1. Looks great. I always loved mechanical decrepitude.

  2. Hi Siara, love the rust effects. I'll be watching this one, I have also a planned build around abandoned civilian vehicles. Good stuff.


  3. Thanks Julian. Its a pleasure to host you here.