"Shallow crossing" interior painting

I identyfied 4 stages of interior assembly- priming, painting, weathering, and detail assembly.

First i used Chaos Black from Citadel Colour.
Then the Mr. Surfacer, and stiff brush were used to create the rough- fabric like surface texture.
After it dried i used same brush moistured with Halfords Cellulose Thinner to even it up a little.
Stage two was paint.
Tamiya`s XF-23 (light blue) sprayed evenly over the primed surface.

Stage 3- weathering.
I have sanded the surface using sandpaper grade 1200, which brought up lots of different shades of the base color. Then the fabric was sealed with Extracrylics Flat Varnish.
Basic dark wash applied.

Driver is painted.
Decals from Tamiya, medals are Aber PE.

Some more progress.
Windows are in.
I have made the newspaper bundle from cigarette papers.

There will be more items inside- like cans, boxes of bread, bucket with the eggs, and possibly few dead birds.

While still working on the interior few bits were done on the outside.
Scratch built mirror:

...and rear lights. I have left the civil configuration to highlight the roots of the vehicle, which started life as the civilian vehicle.


  1. Just loving your progress on this :)

  2. Thanks Rudi- that was quick i just posted this. ;-)


  3. Hi Siara

    Nice the newpapers, really fantastic your progress work. I like it !

    You give it a great atmosphere

  4. Im doing my best to bring this scene to life.
    Its not the model that interest me most, is the overall feeling of past times.
    If the scene brings the potential observer at least close to the times in mention- that means i have achieved the objective.
    Sometimes the smallest detail brings the scene to life, thats why i pay special attention to details, something, that will catch the eye for the split second.