"Shallow crossing" suspension

Today the suspension was adjusted- one front wheel lowered, while the other was lifted up.
The wheels are fixed, but the final dusting, and wear will be added when the vehicle is fixe to the base.
Wheels are painted Nato Black and washed dark, and brown. Rusty wash around the rim.
Im still not sure about the rope- i may swap it for the steel cable later on.
The spade is from Aber an is mounted on turned toothpick.


  1. Good idea the spade on the bumper, details that brings even more realism.

    Thank you you give me more motivation to finish my Opel k 38 !

    Regards Frédéric

  2. Ive seen your Opel Frédéric- looks a nice model.
    ood looking blog aswell.


  3. Thank you Siara you are indulgent to my work, it's a great honor to have you on my friends list many thanks
    About my opel and your there's great difference your work is art mine is fair !