"Shallow crossing"

The urge to paint was strong, so i started new- quick project, Bronco`s Opel Olympia Cabriolet crossing the small river.
Im using the Tamiya acrylic case to display the vignette on.
The driver is put together with the help of legs from Miniart, torso from Tamiya, hands, and head from Hornet.

Im thinking of painting the car in similar color scheme:

Front bumper replaced along with the brackets. Tip of the exhaust from brass tubing.
Gearstick from brass rod.
The driver is a mix of Miniart /legs/ Tamiya /torso/ and Hornet / hands, and the head/.

Finished, and ready for paint. Canvas, an lights will be added later on.


  1. Hi !
    A new project with Opel Olympia ! Nice picture whith camo, I think is Opel Kadett k 38.

  2. You could be right Frédéric, but i think i can use this camo for my Opel.

  3. Hello Siara
    Of course you can use this camo for your Opel all was possible with civil german cars. I wait impatiently your work in progress !
    Best regards


  4. Thanks Frédéric! It looks rough at the moment, but im sure with the little help of Magic Sculp it should come out just OK.